Vijaya Madhavi

Vijaya Madhavi

Executive Coach and Trainer

Hyderabad, India


  • 15 years of corporate work experience
  • 4+ years as an Executive Coach


  • Committed to strengthening the foundational principles while focusing on customer experience and employee engagement. My mission as a Coach is to help employees work towards organizational goals with engagement, by realizing their highest potential and helping the organizations build a

  • conducive work culture.

  • With years of experience in coaching and training, Vijaya Madhavi had the privilege of working with diverse teams and executives across industries to foster personal and professional growth.

  • Vijaya Madhavi believes that every individual possesses unique talents and untapped potential. Through a strengths-based approach, I empower my clients to identify and leverage their

  • strengths to achieve their professional and personal objectives.

  • My corporate training programs are tailored to enhance leadership skills, team dynamics,

  • and organizational performance. Vijaya Madhavi create interactive and engaging learning experiences

  • that drive real change


  • Executive Coach to senior and mid-level executives and managers in MNCs and start-ups
  • Expert in group coaching sessions specializing in leadership excellence
  • Coach to Teams in Communication and interpersonal relationship skills
  • Advanced Diploma in Training
  • M.B.A (Mktg)
  • “Helped me gain great insights …”
  • “Invaluable support and guidance…”
  • “She boosted my confidence…”
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