Kavita Lobo

Kavita Lobo

Executive Coach

Mumbai, India


  • 18 years of industry experience, stints in Retail, Media and Education Industry in leadership roles.
  • 6+ years in Professional Coaching and Process Facilitation for leadership across industry
  • 1900+ hours of coaching experience & interacted with 8000+ participants through workshops


  • Kavita Lobo is a dynamic and passionate advocate for human development, specializing in transformative behavioral interventions such as Coaching, Facilitation, and Storytelling. With over 24 years of diverse experience, including a decade in Integrated Marketing Communication, Kavita brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. She engages with individuals, teams and organization to facilitate and coach on purpose and value driven conversations, to observe change in their behavior and leadership and to drive performance and development needs.

  • She graduated as a top student, earning a BA Hons in English Literature & Psychology, followed by a Masters in Marketing Management from Mumbai University. Her commitment to continuous learning led her to pursue further studies in Psychotherapy, Counselling, Self Awareness, and Human Lab Process work. For an impressive 5 years, she also served as a trusted counselor at a renowned counseling center in Mumbai.

  • Kavita's journey as a leadership coach and facilitator has been one of remarkable discovery. She revels in uncovering her clients' boundless vibrancy and untapped potential, engaging in dialogues that explore their strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, and embrace new mindsets. By delving deep into their core, she unlocks their true capabilities, aligning them with a greater purpose for profound personal and professional growth.


    • Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Team Coach (Global Team Coaching Institute)
    • Certified Process Facilitator (NSiM, India), Gestalt Certified Associate (ATF), NLP Certified Practitioner (ATF)
    • Assessor for HOGAN Assessment, DiSC, FIRO, Applied Neuroscience (myBrain)
    • "Patience and listening ability make you feel very cared for…"
    • "Well-honed perceptiveness…"
    • "Invaluable partner…"
    • "An extraordinary storyteller…"
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