Dr Shivdasini S Amin

Dr Shivdasini S Amin

Leadership and Life Coach

Hyderabad, India


  • Professor, Mahindra University
  • 12+ years as a professional coach, 30 + years as a trainer and mentor
  • Coached Clients in all five continents


  • Shivdasini seeks to discover, grow, and nurture human potential, and augment talent through inner examination of beliefs, patterns and emotions while involved with life.

  • An OD partner, who has shaped high-performing organizations with progressive talent practices, prolific communication, and robust L&D programs

  • An experienced leader in creating positive synergies in a multicultural environment, using process streamlining to create and support organizational structures that draw out the true potential of human diversity through customized policies, enhanced productivity and personalized communication.

  • She is an astute business partner who understands the unmatched potential of engaged talent in organizational outcomes

  • A manager who has a proven track record in acquiring talent, growing talent, building winning teams, change mgmt., reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies while ensuring human morale and engagement.

  • A true believer that humans co-create ideas and solutions by developing one’s body, mind and spirit therefore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of life need to be enriched and enhanced simultaneously.


  • Coached CEO’s, Founders of companies and entrepreneurs
  • India business CXO’s, VP’s, BU heads of several companies, Consultants of Big 5
  • As ICF Mentor- coached Coaches to get their accreditations
  • Global Top 100 Exemplary Coaching Leaders (2024) WHRD Congress
  • 100 Most Influential Coaching Leaders (India) 2023 WHRD Congress
  • Master Coach & Mentor (ICF)
  • Former Director of Education Coaching and Leadership International Inc
  • TEDx Curator
  • UEX Learning Technology Pvt Limited – Committee Chairperson to Coaching Science and Research Board
  • Truly transformative
  • Credit the successes in my life to her coaching
  • Positive and powerful influence
  • Rock solid strong in the entire journey of my evolution
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