Amreen Kaur Luthra

Amreen Kaur Luthra

Life Coach & Executive Coach

Mumbai, India


  • corporate trainer with 6 years of experience.
  • Empowering over 17,000+ corporate executives, MNCs, and entrepreneurs


  • Amreen Kaur Luthra is a dynamic and passionate individual who excels as a life coach, educator, and corporate trainer. With a strong educational background, including an MBA and ongoing pursuit of a Ph.D., Amreen Kaur Luthra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her various roles.

  • Through personalized coaching and engaging workshops, Amreen Kaur Luthra have successfully guided numerous clients in enhancing their confidence, mindset, communication skills, and career growth.

  • Through her transformational coaching, she has consistently guided individuals towards discovering their unique strengths and passions. By fostering a growth-oriented mindset, Amreen Kaur Luthra enables her clients to overcome self-limiting beliefs, embrace challenges, and seize opportunities with confidence.

  • As an accomplished educator, her innovative teaching methodologies have inspired countless students to excel academically and develop a thirst for continuous learning. Amreen Kaur Luthra's genuine dedication to nurturing their talents has led to remarkable improvements in their academic performance and personal development.

  • In the corporate arena, it has facilitated profound shifts within organizations. Her tailored training sessions empower teams and executives to enhance their skills, embrace change, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. As a result, businesses experience improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and long-term growth


  • Senior Trainer at TCS
  • FDP , MDP Trainer with Infosys
  • L&D Partner with B-Schools
  • Phd Candidate in Organisational Behaviour
  • Among the clients of Life Coaches are CEOs of large consulting firms
  • MBA
  • PhD
  • T Coach & Mentor at Bright Future, Mahindra Foundation
  • Consultant to Start-ups like HERA, GameHunt Sports Pvt Ltd
  • Visiting Faculty to 5+ B Schools in Pune, Mumbai & Delhi
  • Amreen's coaching transformed my career trajectory - from uncertainty to clarity and success!
  • The Training elevated our team's performance and strengthened our bond, leading to remarkable results
  • Engaging, Fun, Highly interactive
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